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The Cleaner Virtual Realty Experience

The 2019 Major League Baseball Spring Training season was in full swing and the action out at Sloan Park was just as hot on the field as it is off. While the Cubs cranked out wins and adding new prospects to their knock-out roster, the scene out at the Sloan Park VIP tailgate area also created quite a buzz.

For the first time ever, a VR (Virtual Reality) game activation experience has dominated the tailgate scene. Thanks to the namesake of Sloan Park, the Sloan Valve Company pulled out all the stops and created “The Cleaner,” an interactive experience where users power wash a grimy men’s room that is an exact replica of the Sloan Park men’s room located on the concourse level.

Sloan partnered with Chicago-based 321 Next Reality to create this interactive odyssey that features a men’s room littered with typical baseball trash, used game tickets, aluminum beer bottles, old baseballs, fan fingers, hot dog wrappers, etc. The goal to restore the virtual bathroom to its original clean luster in 3-minutes or less. A leader board lets users know how they rate against each other.

Debuted at the first Sloan Park home game against the Milwaukee Brewers, The Cleaner Virtual Realty Experience was an instant success and will remain a permanent fixture at all Sloan Park events.

Behind The Scenes

Virtual Reality Cubs Experience set up at Sloan Park Spring Training facility 321 Next Reality.

360 Behind The Scenes

Tailgating 360 Video of VR set up at Sloan Park Chicago Cubs Spring Training 321 Next Reality.



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